Acting in this music video was an entirely new experience for me. I'd never done anything like it, so I was kind of nervous going into it. I was also extremely excited because I absolutely love stepping outside my comfort zone! The challenge of shooting for 36 hours, pretty much straight, and digging deep through the exhaustion to pretend I was on a raging bender kicking dude's asses was something I never imagined doing, or thought I was capable of. I surprised myself, and I want to thank Becker for that, for asking me to help bring his vision to life. This was definitely one of my most memorable experiences, and I hope there are many more like it in the future. 

Cheers to the dream team! 
Prism Tats music
Directed by Eric Becker
Shot by Gabriel Bienczycki
Cut by Andrew Franks
Starring Marrisa Price, myself, Kelly Jean Wehner, Chris Spot and Chip Roundtree
Special thanks and love to Andi Parmelee!