Babes Ride Out "Roll Call"

Babes Ride Out asked those attending the campout to write a little bit about themselves and their experience riding motorcycles. This is my attempt at capturing the adventure so far...

This might sound strange, but life became a bit quieter when I first discovered motorcycles. I’d come across the kind of profound silence you find through meditation or while gazing up at the universe. And there I was, in that emptiness, looking back at myself. 

Somehow I’d made it through a maze of self-made obstacles…and found myself, peaceful and smiling, patiently waiting. I was overwhelmed with familiarity and relief, like I’d finally found my way home.

That experience empowered me, and after relaxing into the fear I faced as a new rider, I instantly became best friends with wild-hearted reckless abandonment. We just clicked, like soul mates. And that ‘click’ was so right, and clear, and exciting.

My experience riding has encouraged me to let go of the person I was, so I could become the person I want to be. To let go of the stress I held on to just to hold on to ‘something’. Releasing myself from all of that opened up a world of space in my life, a space I can fill with whatever makes me happy. 

Somehow knowing myself through riding has made identifying the things I want in my life so much easier. I want unrestrained freedom in every aspect of my life. I want more life out of this moment, in every moment, on my way to wherever it is I want to be.