Morning Thoughts.

An ant crawling on my face woke me up. And dog farts. The sun rises so early. I love my sleep mask. Not motivated to work. More motivated to travel. Still craving nature and camping, even after our recent trip. I want to wake up slow, and drink tea on the tailgate. No bugs please. And no rush. You, me. The dogs pooping at the exact same time over by a bush. The four of us dirty and carefree. Exploring new home towns. Celebrating Summer with friends & strangers. Fishing, riding, hiking, hammock naps & outdoor cooking. With that greater sense of purpose always on the horizon, watching me like a parent, judging me. It appears to grow closer like a rainstorm. Can’t be certain it will open up to me though. Purpose is kind of a joke. I’m in my purpose right now. I can’t see that though. Like my eyes can’t see themselves. Needs are all met. But I want more. The wants grow heavy. A burden to my free spirit. Optimism slowly clouded by doubt. Anticipating the approaching rain with fear and excitement. Wash away the good with the bad. Leave me with whatever is true. This moment will pass soon. Seasons always do. Looking at only my feet. I take one step forward. A simple focus. A simple movement. I am reminded that I am grounded and at peace.

Photo by Justin Chatwin


The Road to Outpost

Two of the latest, 2019 Harley Davidson motorcycles took Nina Kaplan and I up the California coastline to the Outpost Trade event. We rode through Big Sur, the Santa Cruz redwood forests, San Francisco, along the Northern coast, and finally inland to Camp Navarro for a weekend filled with new experiences from mountain biking to falconry!
Outpost is a unique trade show that gives you an opportunity to get to know the brands you might utilize in your daily life or hobbies on an experiential level. Whereas before you might only see their products online or in a store, at Outpost you can actually use them and put them to the test.
At Outpost you find yourself fully immersed in outdoor activities that you know and love, or are trying for the first time. There’s an array of things to do for those seeking thrills as well as those who prefer something more introspective and relaxing. There’s great food, popular music and some of the most fun and interesting people from the outdoor adventure world.
These guys are definitely changing the game when it comes to trade shows and it’s worth checking out!

Photos by the talented Genevive Davis.
Featuring the 2019 Harley Davidson Sport Glide (or as I call it, the Butter Glide) and Heritage Classic.
Leather jacket by Strange Vacation
Black/Gold flake helmet by Stripe Cult Painting
Boots from Harley Davidson footwear

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.28.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.26.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.28.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.29.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.30.08 PM.png

This is for the Women

Words: Janne Robinson
Photo: Ian Smith


This is for the women who don’t give a fuck.
The women who are first to get naked, howl at the moon and jump into the sea.
The women who drink too much whisky, stay up too late and have sex like they mean it.
The women who know they aren’t sluts because they enjoy sex, but human beings with a healthy sexual appetite.
The women who will ask you for what they need in bed.
This is for the women who seek relentless joy; the ones who know how to laugh with their whole souls.
The women who speak to strangers because they have no fear in their hearts.
The ones who wear “night make up” in the morning or don’t own mascara.
The women who know their worth, who plant their feet and roar in their brilliance.
The women who aren’t afraid to tell a man to get the fuck out of her heart if he doesn’t honour her heart.
This is for the women who rock combat boots with frilly skirts.
The women who swear like truck drivers.
The women who hold the people who harass or wrong them with fierce accountability.
The women who flip gender norms and false limitations the bird and live to run successful companies giving “the man” a run for his name.
The ones who don’t find their success a compliment just because they have a vagina.
Women like Gloria Steinem who, when she was told, “We want a writer, not a woman. Go home,” kept writing anyway.
This is for the women who drink coffee at midnight and wine in the morning, and dare you to question it.
For the women who open doors for men and are confident enough to have doors opened for them.
Who use “no” to be in service for themselves.
Who don’t give a damn about pleasing the world, and do sweetly as they wish.
For the superheroes—the single moms who work three jobs to make it. I salute your resilient, cape-flapping, ambitious selves.
This is for the women who throw down what they love, and don’t waste time following society’s pressures to exist behind a white picket fence.
The women who create wildly, unbalanced, ferociously and in a blur at times.
The women who know how to be busy and know how to plant their feet in the earth and get grounded.
These are the women I want around me.